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The PowerDisc - 10 Pack

by Intelligent Lighting Corp
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The PowerDisc™

The PowerDisc™ saves you money, is environmentally safe and extends the life of your incandescent and halogen bulbs for 10+ years*! By converting the electricity power used by the bulb from AC to DC, the PowerDisc™ significantly reduces energy consumption up to 42% and also extends the bulb life up to 100 times therefore reducing bulb replacement costs. The PowerDisc™ is attached to the base of a light bulb by means of the adhesive-coated foam, so that the center contact of the bulb is in contact with one end of the diode. When screwed into a light socket, the other end of the diode contacts the center contact of the light socket. To achieve maximum life-extension and warranty protection, the PowerDisc™ MUST be used with a brand-new halogen or incandescent light bulb. Also, if you are currently using a particular wattage light bulb and it is important to maintain a similar lumen level, you should use the next higher wattage bulb.

The PowerDisc™ - Saving The Earth, One Bulb at a Time!

When ordering more than 100 PowerDiscs™, please contact our sales department for reduced special shipping rates!


* The actual extended life of the bulb is dependent on the original life rating of the bulb. Ex. 1000 hours is now 100,000 hours!

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